The Ortlieb Pre-Season 2019 Riding Sale

Getting ready for the 2019 Riding Season? Wanna take advantage of extra savings by pre-ordering your Ortlieb Gear? For a limited time, we are offering up to 15% off on most every Ortlieb Bag and Accessory*. However, delivery of your purchase will be made on or around March 15th, 2019. 

USE DISCOUNT CODE: ORTLIEB19 at checkout to receive discount for this limited time. 

We are stocking up on Ortlieb Bags for our touring cyclists and want to be sure to offer customers the very best in cycling bags. By ordering now and taking delivery in a couple of weeks, you are helping us to gauge interest in what bags we should be stocking in larger quantities in our store. Thank you for shopping with Electric Spokes. Ride far, ride free, have fun!

*Delivery of Ortlieb Bag Sale purchases will be made on our around March 15th, 2019.