Repair and Warranty Service Terms-of-Service (TOS)

The Electric Spokes Company / Voltaire Cycles of Verona will make every effort to diagnose and repair light-electric-vehicles, bicycles and trikes. Where issues arise that make a specific repair unsafe, or where a repair would be economically illogical, we will do our very best to offer you advice on vehicle replacement options. 

When a vehicle is submitted for repair, the company will first establish its "conditional' value in order to assess collateral issues which may arise during a routine repair. This condition value assesses the vehicle as  "Like-New", "Slightly Used" "Good" "Fair" "Poor". 

Vehicles rated as Fair or Poor will have special TOS conditions applied to the vehicle. Any replacement of a major operating component such as a controller, motor, drive-train, console, throttle, electronic wiring harness, or braking system  will often necessitate collateral repair needs. If wiring harnesses are heavily corroded and the replacement of a controller requires the re-soldering or re-wiring certain connectors, it then becomes necessary to either repair the wiring harness or apply multiple 'fixes' to the harness. Replacement of the wiring harness in the case will be the lesser of both costs and would be added to the repair. However, this additional cost would not be accessible at the time of the initial diagnosis without fully stripping down the vehicle.

The company will do its very best to advise the customer on the potential risks of repairing just one component and not addressing other currently working items that may become compromised in short time. At no time is the company responsible for the failure of other components which may stop working or fail to work after the initial problem has been fixed. Should other problems arise while the initial issue is being addressed, the customer has the choice whether to pay for the repair of those other issues, or to stop the repair altogether - at which point, the customer is responsible for all labor and the initial quote for the primary repair and any parts that were ordered for that repair. 

In the event that the initial quote becomes compromised by other issues which surface during the repair, the customer will still be responsible for the parts and labor of the initial repair even if this means that the vehicle is still not functioning properly due to a different set of problems. It is the customer's responsibility to listen carefully to the Service Technician's recommendations for repairing the vehicle vs. replacing the vehicle and to heed any special warnings of possible additional costs associated with vehicles in "Fair" or "Poor" condition. 

A one-time electric diagnostic fee of $70.00 is assessed on all vehicles that are brought in with electrical issues. This fee is to be paid up front ahead of any diagnostic work on the vehicle. If the customer decides to proceed with the repair, the diagnostic fee is subtracted from the total cost of the repair. Once the diagnostic process is complete, the Service Technician will contact the customer with a quote on the cost of parts and labor to correct the problem. 

Due to a number of customers dropping off their e-bikes and approving costly repairs on the vehicles only to abandon the vehicle once the repairs are complete, we require payment in advance for all e-bike repairs. This policy excludes those repairs under warranty. 

Thank you for your support. We value your patronage and will continue to strive to deliver the very best electric vehicle service support for your P.E.V. 

Ride Free, Ride Fast, Ride Far!