The Electric Spokes Company is dedicated to providing the quickest shipping possible for all products.

There are some product groups which we sell and which require substantially greater care and regulatory oversight when packaging and shipping. These include any product which is powered by Lithium Ion, Lithium Magnesium, Lead Acid, Lithium Polymer, and any of the newest chemical battery technology. Some online retailers are actively attempting to circumvent the correct agency certifications in order to cut costs and deliver goods classified as DG (dangerous goods) by using shipping systems that are exposing many more people to potential hazard. The consequences of this action can result in the loss of many lives.

The Electric Spokes Company was one of the first e-mobility companies in the E-Bike and E-Skate industry to mandate hazmat training and certification for its shipping employees - choosing to follow the latest regulations governing large capacity lithium battery packs. We understand that we may not always deliver as quickly as "so-n-so" company who promises 3-day delivery. In all honesty, it's difficult to see how declaring anything under a week for all DG goods could be possible without violating certain regulatory procedures. 
For most products within the Accessories and Apparel collections, shipping and handling time is within 1-3 days. Receipt of purchased goods in these categories depends on the type of mailing service. Typically, a large priority mail box will arrive at its destination between 3-5 days of purchase. However, in an attempt to keep postage as low as possible, we reserve the right to use retail ground shipping from USPS which may take longer than a typical priority delivery with tracking. 

For Electric Bikes, Recumbent Trikes, Conventional Bikes, and special orders of E-Bike Batteries, Scooters, Motors, and other large accessories, shipping time is longer. For most ebikes, trikes, scooters and e-skateboards. shipping is conducted through a private freight company. Handling time is between 3 and 5 business days depending on the product’s unique characteristics. In some cases, we can ship a bike or trike completely assembled, strapped, and shrink wrapped on a pallet, and deliver it to your home address. However, this “special” service comes with an extra fee. Please see the option menu available at check out to see what options are available for the product you are interested in purchasing.

Shipping time from purchase to delivery of most electric bikes, electric scooters, trikes, and large battery packs that each require hazmat certification will usually fall in between 8-15 days from order to delivery. This time window includes handling times, hazmat certification, hazmat ground transportation, and scheduled delivery with signature requirement. In some cases such as remote areas of the U.S., delivery may be a few days longer than our targeted window. 

For more specific information on any product in our catalog, please contact us at