SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT INVENTORY SUPPLY – Nationwide shortages of both bicycles and e-bikes is occuring. If you are seeing “Sold Out” on any models we stock, there is a very strong likelihood that these "Sold-Out" banners will be regular fixtures for the remaining months of summer and well into Fall. 

Due to an unprecedented surge in home health and cycling activities, many name brands have completely sold out of all of their dealership inventory for 2020.  Please do not trust what you might be hearing from some dealers promising “new” inventory coming “soon”. All manufacturers are scrambling to scale up factory production to meet this new demand – and many of these factories have been shut down due to Covid 19. What you - the consumer - might not realize is that bicycles are constructed with components designed and manufactured from many different companies. The truth is that many factories are located in areas that are deeply affected by COVID-19 and while one component may be 'on schedule', there are dozens of others that are not. Delays are occurring at all levels and slowing production and delivery for everyone. Shipping goods from overseas production plants into the US is also facing heavy delays slowing things down as there are fewer ships available to carry cargo - again due to Covid-19. None of the brands we represent is impervious to this reality.  

If you are seeing “sold-out” on our website – it means that both our warehouse – AND the warehouse of our supplier are sold-out for the near-term. We are telling our customers to expect "Sold Out" to be seen more and more over the next few weeks. If there is a chance that new inventory is arriving, we will update our subscriber list with an announcement - if and when the shipment has cleared customs and is en-route to the supplier's warehouse. What we will not do is lead our customer on with hopes that they will have their ideal vehicle by early August - when we really know that it's unlikely to arrive until 2021. We are constantly monitoring our brand’s inventory stock to reflect as accurate data as possible. We are also speaking daily to each of our brand's dealer representatives. 

If you are looking to purchase an ebike – and find something available on any reputable dealership website, we strongly encourage purchasing ASAP. At the same time, if you make a purchase and you receive a note from a dealer that "they are currently out of stock but are expecting a shipment shortly" - demand a full refund immediately. Do not let anyone string you along. Shortages are going to accelerate now through July as the race intensifies for any remaining stock.

We will not increase our prices or charge customers more for remaining stock. The prices we advertise are the same regardless of the conditions of the world. We may not be discounting has heavily as we normally due - but this is so that we can stay in business and keep our employees on the payroll through through the many crisis facing small businesses like ours.  We hope you find what you are searching for here or elsewhere. Ride free and ride far.